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Underhanded? You Ain’t Seen Underhanded Until Now

I’ve been advising prospective timeshare purchasers for a LONG time on the questions that they need to ask before jumping

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Weeks, Points and Remaining Timeshare Inventory

If you’re thinking of purchasing a house in a development, it’s quite simple to figure out how sold out they

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Some timeshare owners are still not familiar with ARDA-ROC and may be unknowingly making voluntary contributions each year through your

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A Timeshare Collector Speaks

Here’s a guest blog that you’ll find interesting.  A view from the other side so to speak: http://insidetimeshare.com/timeshare-hoa-collections-agent-shares-experience/ Lisa Ann

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Manhattan Club Update

Important update on the ongoing Manhattan Club issues: In the upcoming hearing on 3/31, Judge Rakower’ Court Room in NYC,

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5 Myths About Timeshare

Whether you own a timeshare, are thinking of purchasing a timeshare, used to own timeshare or find yourself in front

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