Timeshare Investment

5 Myths About Timeshare

Whether you own a timeshare, are thinking of purchasing a timeshare, used to own timeshare or find yourself in front of a timeshare salesperson, you’re bound to come across some timeshare myths.  Here are the Top 5 I run into: 1) 

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An Open Letter to Dave Ramsey and Laura Ingraham

Dear Dave and Laura: It’s come to my attention that both of you have endorsed separate timeshare related companies.  Both of these companies specialize in offering one or more so-called “relief” solutions to timeshare owners. You may have done a

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Why Did You Buy A Timeshare?

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) conducted a survey of 1,722 timeshare owners asking for “Reasons For Buying Timeshares”.  The results surprised me: [] Save money on future vacations 44% [] Resort location 43% [] Flexible locations, unit types, times

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